The day-to-day workings of your connection

Operation, maintenance and changes to your consumption

Branch connection 

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the branch connection, including:

  • monitoring
  • inspection
  • cathodic protection
  • pipeline section repair and/or replacement

Delivery point

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive maintenance operations of the delivery point, at its own expense.

These operations are necessary for the delivery point to function correctly and consist of:

  • Monitoring
    Monitoring the delivery point involves a sensory examination (visual, auditory, etc.) to ensure the overall integrity of delivery point equipment.
  • Inspection
    Inspecting the delivery point consists of ensuring that its component devices are operating correctly: 
    GRTgaz determines and carries out operating and corrective maintenance operations - so-called ‘3R’ operations - for the delivery point. These operations maintain or restore the performance of appliances, valves or any other component of the delivery point or local measuring device.
    There are 3 types: 
    - Repair: Troubleshooting and repair of an appliance
    - Replacement: Standard exchange of an appliance before reaching the end of its service life 
    - Renewal: At the end of its service life, an appliance or delivery point is renewed with one that has the same functionality

Your consumption changes

If the gas consumption of your network changes, you can ask GRTgaz to modify your delivery point to meet your new requirements. This involves the partial or total renewal of your delivery point.

You modify your network 

Do you want to optimise or modify your network? You can ask GRTgaz to move all or part of the connection facilities.

You must pay for the relocation work. The price is set by quotation and is payable immediately and in full.

In the event of obsolescence

GRTgaz determines and carries out renewal operations for the delivery point. It may be partially or completely renewed.

  • For total renewal, the delivery point is replaced.
    The natural gas supply may be interrupted for a few days.
  • For partial renewal, only certain elements of the delivery point are replaced.


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