GRTgaz regulatory framework

As part of the regulations set by the French Energy Code, GRTgaz must comply with obligations relating to transparency, independence and non-discrimination towards its various stakeholders. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) ensures compliance with these regulations.
Pitgam Intercoinection station - photo: Nicolas Dorh

Gas transmission is governed by the French Energy Code

In France, the French Energy Code governs gas transmission and sets GRTgaz’s public service obligations.

As such, GRTgaz must:

  • Ensure the security of supply for the French market,
  • Develop its network to enhance the attractiveness of the French market as part of an integrated European market,
  • Guarantee the safety of people and property,
  • Contribute to protecting the environment,
  • Contribute to energy-related research and development.

GRTgaz’s missions fulfil the obligation to separate gas activities into two categories: those linked to infrastructures, and those linked to gas production and supply.

Beyond its regulated activities, GRTgaz can build or operate other gas networks, LNG facilities, or gas storage facilities in order to develop cross-border networks. The French Energy Code also authorises it to acquire holdings in natural gas exchange companies.

GRTgaz’s activities are controlled by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is an independent authority that oversees the workings of the natural gas market. Its aim is to guarantee honest competition via access to gas infrastructures that is transparent and non-discriminatory. The CRE sets the public rates for network usage, supervises investments, and ensures the quality of service. It also checks that GRTgaz operates in accordance with the framework defined by law. GRTgaz meets the obligations of independence and autonomy incumbent on a network operator. Its status as an independent transport operator is certified by the CRE.

This certification means that GRTgaz must act in a completely impartial manner towards the shippers, biomethane producers and consumers connected to its transmission network so as not to distort competition between gas suppliers. GRTgaz sets out the related commitments in its Code of Conduct, which is approved by the CRE.

"Concertation Gaz" : listening to market players

GRTgaz and Teréga head the "Concertation Gaz" mechanism that includes all market players (transporters, traders, shipper customers, industrial customers, producers of electricity from gas, adjacent infrastructure operators, and public authorities). This mechanism improves dialogue and cooperation with customers. It also contributes to a better service and enables cross-border exchanges.

GRTgaz ensures that its practices are compliant

In 2020, GRTgaz appointed Christophe Poillon as Head of Compliance, a position whose independence is guaranteed by the French Energy Code. In accordance with the company’s obligations, he oversees the application of GRTgaz’s practices and notifies the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) of any related issues.


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