Build your own career path

Joining GRTgaz gives you the chance to follow a career path with access to multiple training courses and which embraces an active mobility policy.
Salon des maires et des collectivités exhibition in Paris - photo: Luc Maréchaux

Mobility in all its forms

As a GRTgaz employee you have the chance to change your business area, region or field of expertise. You can benefit from job and geographic mobility both within the company, within the ENGIE group, and with companies from the Electric and Gas Industries branch. 
At the same time, you can access personalised professionalisation courses and mentoring programmes... while becoming a mentor yourself as part of the reverse mentoring scheme, in particular for digital technology.

Anne: 13 years working for GRTgaz

GRTgaz gave a new breath of life to my career

"After working for several GRTgaz departments, and with my children grown up, I felt more open to learning a new profession. With my managers’ help, I got my wish of joining the Projects team. With a little bit of technical training and a strong desire to learn, I got the job of short-term project manager. I learned on the job with the help of my tutor - it’s the best school that there is!"