The law on modernized business practices

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GRTgaz puts into effect the provisions of the law on modernized business practices in regard to payment terms and conditions, payment deadlines, and dematerialised invoices.

How GRTgaz meets its legal obligations

In accordance with the Law on Modernized Business Practices (LME) of 4 August, GRTgaz undertakes to pay its suppliers’ invoices by bank transfer within 30 days in certain cases (e.g. transport) from their date of issue.

GRTgaz has committed to a programme whereby all supplier invoices will be dematerialised by 2023. The aim is to optimise processing and payment times and be part of an environmentally responsible approach.

To achieve this, GRTgaz provides its suppliers with the SY portal, where they can submit their invoices within a personalised space.

To register for the SY portal, please send the following information to

  • your EU VAT no. or SIREN no.,
  • your corporate name and full address,
  • the email address of the person at your company who will receive the username and password and who will be the administrator of the SY account,
  • this person’s surname, first name and telephone number.

The one regulatory condition is that you must be able to generate invoices in Native PDF format. The Native PDF must not be a scan but produced directly from your own invoicing or desktop tool.

For all technical difficulties, please contact the portal hotline on +33 (0)9 70 72 43 57 or send an email.

E-invoices are dealt with as soon as they are submitted on the SY portal. Their processing is secure, faster than previously, and can be monitored around the clock.

In addition to its dematerialisation policy, GRTgaz has set up an electronic signature platform: Sign@air (pronounced “sig-nat-air”). This tool allows GRTgaz suppliers and limited partners to sign orders in a way that is fully dematerialised and secure, and to download them to ensure their traceability. It is not necessary to register or set up an account to sign a supplier-side document.

Sign@air - electronic signature platform