Governance that supports GRTgaz’s commitments

Vindecy compressor station - Photo: Pierre Olivier

GRTgaz aims to promote agile governance in an increasingly complex energy environment. Its Management Committee, renewed in 2018, oversees the strategic goals linked to transformation and performance, in keeping with the guidance shared with its Board of Directors. The company also retains a permanent link to civil society via the expertise of its Stakeholder Council (CPP), supporting the full range of ongoing relations with its various component groups.

Governance is based on three key bodies

GRTgaz is a French "société anonyme" - the equivalent of a public limited company. It is 60.8% owned by Engie, 38.6% by Société d'Infrastructures Gazières (a public consortium made up of CNP Assurances and Caisse des Dépôts) and 0.5% by the company's employees.

Composition of the Board of Directors

As of 22 April 2022

The Board of Directors has 17 members, 8 of which are women.

14 Board Members are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders

  • 9 representatives of the Engie group:
    Mme Adeline DUTERQUE
    Chair of the Board of Directors

    Ms Raphaëlle CASTILLON - Representative of CELIZAN
    Mr Edouard SAUVAGE - Representative of ENGIE
    Ms Claire BRABEC-LAGRANGE - Representative of ENGIE Home Performance
    Mr Xavier PERRET - Representative of GDF International
    Ms Hélène VERBOCKHAVEN - Representative of SFIG
    Ms Dominique BOURGEON - Representative of SOPRANOR
    Ms Caroline ADAM-PLANCHON - Representative of SPERANS
    Mr Jean-Baptiste SEJOURNÉ - Representative of VOCANIA
  • 4 representatives of Société d’Infrastructures Gazières:
    Mr Gautier CHATELUS – Member of the Board
    Mr Olivier MAREUSE - Member of the Board
    Mrs Anne-Claire BERLIER DE VAUPLANE – Member of the Board
    Mr Dimitri SPOLIANSKY – Member of the Board
  • 1 director appointed at the General Meeting on the proposal of the shareholders:
    Mr Michel DESTOT - Independent Member of the Board
  • 3 Board Members representing employees:
    Also present at meetings of the Board of Directors, but without voting rights, are: a Commissioner from the French government, the CEO of GRTgaz, a representative from the Central Works Council, and the Compliance Officer (Article L.111 -34 of the French Energy Code).

    Ms Gaëlle CABUT - Board Member representing employees
    Mr Vincent de LAHARPE - Board Member representing employees 
    Mr Nicolas PERRY - Board Member representing employees 

Permanent observers, without voting rights

Ms Alice VIEILLEFOSSE - Government Commissioner
Mr Arnaud CROCQ - Representative of CSEC
Mr Thierry TROUVE - CEO of GRTgaz
Mr Christophe POILLION - Compliance Officer

The Board of Directors is assisted by three consultant committees:

  • The Investment Committee
    This committee analyses the investment policy and gives an overall opinion on investment proposals.
  • The Audit Committee
    This committee ensures that suitable accounting methods are being used; analyses and formulates an opinion on the financial planning; assesses the efficiency and quality of internal controls; and analyses risks and significant commitments, in particular with regard to provisions applying to the manager of an independent network.
  • The Remuneration and Selection Committee
    This committee analyses and formulates an opinion on the remuneration of Board Members and the CEO, as well as on applications for these positions.

The Management Committee takes decisions and arbitrates on strategic issues facing the company.

  • Directorate General - T. Trouvé, P. Duvieusart
  • Deputy director, Finance, CSR and Purchasing - Franck Wintenberger
  • Director of Industrial Assets - Anne-Sophie Decaux
  • Director of development - Anthony Mazzenga
  • Director of the Operations - Sandrine Meunier
  • General secretariat - Catherine Brun
  • Director of Human Resources (DRH) - Hervé Rambaud
  • Commercial Director and Network Optimization - Pierre Cotin
  • Director of information system - Hervé Constant

As of January 2023

The Stakeholder Council was set up in 2016. It brings together a panel of individuals from a range of different backgrounds, including industry, the agricultural sector, NGOs, environment and biodiversity specialists, and experts in the fields of innovation, socio-economic change, economics and energy.

This Council meets twice per year in the presence of the CEO, the Secretary General, and the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of GRTgaz. 
It offers civic insight into GRTgaz’s development outlook, its core purpose, and its approach to corporate social responsibility.

Composition of the Stakeholder Council:

  • Gilles Bœuf, UPMC Professor and member of the Scientific Council for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity under the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.
  • Claude Conrard, Director of Public Affairs for Energy (France, Solvay).
  • Olivier Dauger, President of France Gaz Renouvelables and Vice-President of FNSEA.
  • Paul Duphil, Secretary General of OPPBTP.
  • Pascale Hebel, Director of the Crédoc Consumption Department.
  • Nicolas Imbert, Executive Director of Green Cross France & Territories.
  • Bertrand Petit, President and Founder of Innocherche.
  • Blanche Segrestin, Chair of “Business Theory” at Mines ParisTech.