You are a farmer

Farmers must follow strict rules to avoid damaging any GRTgaz facilities that traverse their land, as indicated in the National Agricultural Protocol signed between GRTgaz and the agricultural profession.

Presence of yellow GRTgaz posts and markers on your land

The presence of yellow posts and markers on your land alerts you to the fact that there are GRTgaz high-pressure natural gas pipelines nearby. These posts or markers do not indicate the exact placement or depth of these pipelines, and are not always positioned directly above the gas pipe.

To find out if your farm is located near to our high-pressure natural gas transmission facilities, please consult the networks and pipelines One-Call System website. Here, you can find a list of the network operators and the exact position of their pipelines. This information is also available from the Town Council.

When to fill out a declaration of works

Only superficial agricultural and horticultural soil preparation works that go no deeper that 40 cm can be carried out without a works declaration. All other works are subject to a works declaration, without exception.

For all other works, you must make a declaration of works: 

  • Digging trenches; drainage, sub-soiling or ditch dredging operations (with or without reprofiling),
  • Earth extraction by core drilling,
  • Work carried out below ground or crop cultivation at a depth of more than 40 cm,
  • Inserting stakes, poles and posts,
  • Planting or grubbing shrubs or saplings,
  • Constructing walls, sheds or buildings.

The following works are prohibited if they are located within a GRTgaz pipeline easement strip:

  • modifying the lie of your land,
  • Construction,
  • Planting trees/shrubs with an adult height of more than 2.7 metres, and with roots longer than 60 cm.

Steps before carrying out works on your farm

If GRTgaz facilities are located on your land, you must: 

  • Download and complete the Declaration of Proposed Works (DT) and Declaration of Intent to Carry out Works (DICT) forms on the networks and pipelines One-Call System website,
  • Send your declarations by post, email or fax to the operators concerned,
  • Wait to receive GRTgaz’s repose before starting any works (responses received within 7-15 days).

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