Works, safety and regulations

Prevention and responsibilities during works

If works are planned near to our pipelines, you can take on several roles:

  • project manager, if you are planning the works,
  • contractor, if your technical services involve carrying out works,
  • network operator, if you own the network and have not outsourced its operation to a private operator.

As a public service, you must inform your constituents of the regulatory obligations relating to the declaration of works and ask them to check the networks and pipelines One-Call System website. Project managers, contractors, network operators and private individuals can find information brochures explaining the procedures to follow.

You are also legally obliged to consult GRTgaz as part of ERP and IGH projects, and to inform GRTgaz as part of urban planning permit applications.

Urban planning: local authorities’ obligations

Local authorities must give project managers advance warning of the requirement to respect the servitudes crossing their territory. The regional authority must inform the natural gas transmission network operator (GRTgaz, in this case) about any building permit, land development permit or operational urban planning certificate issued for the servitude, as provided for in the French Environmental Code.

"GRTgaz's regional teams responsible for third-party works and urban planning get together to discuss the goal of homogenising practices across all regions of France."

Charles Fernandez

Urban Planning and Third-Party Works Liaison Officer

PROTYS: an indispensable addition to the One-call System

  • To simplify this process, GRTgaz recommends you use
  • Protys is a works management company. Their platform allows customers declaring works to send their declarations electronically, and network operators to manage and respond to declarations.
  • The platform has direct links to the main network operators (GRDF, RTE, GRTgaz, Orange, Teréga), who use the same tool to receive and respond digitally to DT and DICT declarations.

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