How to become a shipper

Transparent, non-discriminatory access to the GRTgaz network is available to any company.

To become a shipper on the GRTgaz network, you must first possess a supplier’s licence, then sign a transmission contract with GRTgaz. You must also provide a payment guarantee.

Stages to follow

You must be in possession of a supply licence issued by the French Ministry of Ecology if your company sells gas on French territory, including at the Title Transfer Point (PEG).

For end customers selling gas on an occasional basis to another end customer located in the vicinity, both must also file a “simplified” application.

You must sign a transmission contract containing different sections in connection with activity on the GRTgaz network.

You must provide GRTgaz with a payment guarantee either of a first demand guarantee or a security deposit.

Once you become a shipper, you will be authorised to access the private customer portal, ingrid which allows to:

  • subscribe your transmission capacity and related services,
  • proceed with your nominations,
  • have  a real time access to the tracking of your operational activity.