Join a responsible company that benefits the common good

QSE coordination and Risk Prevention and Control Department - Photo: Cécilia Garroni Parisi

Joining GRTgaz means flourishing in a trust-based environment to meet the challenges of tomorrow together. It also means being part of a company that recognises a wide range of talents and helps develop its employees and grow their expertise. GRTgaz is an employer that promotes mobility, innovation, open-mindedness and initiative-taking. These values are fundamental to the people-centred approach that is one of the pillars of our core purpose.

GRTgaz develops its employees’ skills

GRTgaz provides its employees with an active skills development policy throughout their careers, opening up opportunities for professional growth and geographic and job mobility. This training policy is used to support the business lines in allowing them to adapt to a changing environment. Courses make use of all the various formats currently available (face-to-face, digital, multi-modal) to address technical topics, health and safety, and individual skills development.

The apprenticeship gamble

Apprenticeships present a major human resources challenge to GRTgaz as a lever both for recruitment and for the transmission of employees’ knowledge. Taking on an apprentice means promoting youth employment and preparing for the future. GRTgaz hires almost 200 apprentices every year. Of these, 30% are hired on permanent contracts (CDI) when their apprenticeship contract ends. Also, all internships over one month long are paid.

GRTgaz recognises both individual and collective contributions

GRTgaz employees receive supplementary compensation elements on top of their basic fixed salary (employee savings plans, additional retirement benefits, profit-sharing, incentive schemes) and performance related pay. Bonuses are awarded according to management’s assessment of objective, measurable criteria. At the same time, employees benefit from comprehensive social protection (accident insurance, supplementary health benefits, etc.).

GRTgaz promotes non-discriminatory practices

GRTgaz promotes diversity and inclusion. Access to jobs and career management are based on equal opportunities and non-discrimination. This is shown in particular in the company’s firm commitment to both gender equality and people with disabilities.
At GRTgaz, Diversity and Inclusion are a source of creativity and innovation. This is also a core value to attract new talent and for the well-being of the company’s employees.

Since 2015, GRTgaz has held the AFNOR Diversity label, which attests to this commitment and its efforts and results regarding Diversity.

GRTgaz gives particular attention to workplace gender equality and diversity, with both a voluntary policy and a signed agreement with social partners for the period 2020-2024. This commitment can also be seen in a professional equality index score of 94/100 for 2023:

  • salary equality or the gender pay gap: 39/40,
  • yearly pay increase equality: 20/20,
  • promotion rate equality: 15/15,
  • pay increases upon return from maternity leave 15/15,
  • portion of women among the company’s top-level employees: 5/10.

GRTgaz's éga-pro index reached this value of 94/100 for the fifth consecutive year.