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21 OCT 2021 - Customers -

Rendez-vous Clients – Webinar on November 26th at from 11AM to 12AM

GRTgaz invites you on November 26th at from 11AM to 12AM to its Webinar « Biomethane, a solution to decarbonize your products ».
Hydrogene visual - photo: gettyimages  / remotevfx
15 OCT 2021 -

Consultation of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen market actors

Teréga and GRTgaz publish their first review of the consultation aimed at all actors in the hydrogen market.
Visuals of the 2021 GRTgaz communication campaign
14 OCT 2021 -

The energy transition is in our hands!

GRTgaz’s new communication campaign has two goals: to highlight the image of a committed, innovative company, and to make GRTgaz more attractive to young people and job applicants.
13 OCT 2021 -

The Caisse des Dépôts group increases its stake in GRTgaz

Signature of a binding agreement for the sale by ENGIE to Société d'Infrastructures Gazières of 11.5% of GRTgaz's capital.
GRTgaz and hydrogen: interview with Philippe Boucly of France Hydrogène
11 OCT 2021 -

Hydrogen’s role in the regions

Interview with Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, on the organisation’s role in the regions.
European Cybersecurity Month - photo: Getty images / Busakorn Pongparnit
08 OCT 2021 - Corporate -

Cybersecurity: a key priority for GRTgaz

Interview about cybersecurity and digital security actions implemented by GRTgaz.
Rôle de l'hydrogène dans la neutralité carbone - interview d'Anthony Mazzenga, Direction Hydrogène de GRTgaz
08 OCT 2021 - Renewable gases -

Hydrogen: a practical solution for industry

Interview with Anthony Mazzenga on hydrogen’s place in the energy future and the role of infrastructure in receiving renewable gases by 2050.
SOclients' cover: commercial news of GRTgaz
08 OCT 2021 - Customers -
1 MIN has evolved and has now become Soclients

This new letter, dedicated to customers, highlights the commercial news of GRTgaz.
David, directeur de programme à la Direction des Projets et de l’Ingénierie
07 OCT 2021 - Portrait -

Interview with David, program manager at the Direction of Projects and Engineering at GRTgaz

His role: managing programs that encapsulate several projects and share a common theme or objective.