GRTgaz in brief

GRTgaz is a major operator in the high-pressure gas transportation sector. The company has a public service mission aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of gas transmission, and a genuine commitment to promoting renewable gas and to the energy transition in the territories.
Balises de signalisation indiquant la présence d'une canalisation de transport de gaz naturel - photo : Luc Maréchaux

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GRTgaz: a European leader in natural gas transmission

GRTgaz is a European leader in natural gas transmission and a world expert in gas systems. In France, the company operates more than 32,500 km of buried pipelines to transport gas from suppliers to consumers connected to its network:

  • managers of public distribution services that provide gas to municipalities,
  • power plants, 
  • industrial sites. 

GRTgaz has a public service mission to ensure the continuity of transmission of natural gas. Along with its subsidiaries – Elengy, the European leader in LNG terminal services, and GRTgaz Deutschland, the operator of the MEGAL transmission network in Germany – GRTgaz plays a key role in the European gas infrastructure scene. 

The company also exports its know-how internationally, in particular thanks to the services developed by its research centre, RICE (Research & Innovation Center for Energy). 

As a player in the energy transition, GRTgaz invests in innovative solutions to accommodate as much renewable gas as possible on its network, including hydrogen. The goal is to provide support for these new sectors, and thus contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

GRTgaz 2022 integrated report

Gas infrastructures at the heart of Europe

With more than 32,500 km of high-pressure pipelines in France, GRTgaz is linked to the Norwegian, Belgian, German, Spanish (via the Teréga network), Swiss and Italian (via Switzerland) networks, as well as 14 underground storage units and 4 LNG terminals located on the French seaboard.

The scale of this network allows GRTgaz to offer transmission and connection services, and to provide access to diverse, productive sources of gas, improving the competitiveness of gas prices.  The company currently receives biomethane that is produced locally from materials derived from farming operations. It also supports the development of new renewable and low-carbon sectors (pyrogasification, hydrothermal gasification) that recover other types of waste, or the surpluses of electrical production from hydrogen (Power to Gas).

GRTgaz network map in France


Legend of the network's map of GRTgaz

This map and the information it contains are not binding. They do not constitute permission for works to be carried out near to the GRTgaz pipeline network, nor to bypass the provisions set out in Articles L.554-1 to L.554-5 and R.554-1 to R.554-38 of the French Environmental Code.