Transmission toolbox

This transmission toolbox helps you with GRTgaz transmission offer.

Find out more about biomethane transmission:
>> Purchasing biomethane 1/2 – Prerequisites
>> Purchasing biomethane 2/2 – Operational management

Find out more about Capacity booking on the upstream network:
>> The capacity offer at PIR – April 1 2023
>> The capacity offer at PITS
>> Subscribing capacities at the PITTMs [new]
>> FCFS capacity offer on Prisma
>> Substitution offer
>> UBI offer
>> Conversion service
>> Secondary Capacity Market [new]

Find out more about Capacity booking on the downstream network:
>> Downstream capacity subscription principles and their evolution
>> Tariff principles on the regional network
>> Subscription principles on the PITD
>> The right-of-use on consumer delivery points
>> Capacity management for new site launch
>> The short-notice reservation services for daily capacity
>> To know more about the new process test service

Find out more about balancing and congestions management
>> Information for balancing
>> Balancing and Alizés service
>> GRTgaz’s interventions on the Powernext Gas Spot Exchange
>> Find out more about the Locational Spread
>> The locational product - contract - au 1st March 2021
>> Flow commitment
>> Flow commitment - contractual framework

Find out more about Capacity utilization : operations on the network
>> Nominations and confirmations [new]
>> Network operational scheme with the points codification [new]
>> Works and their impact on the operational capacity
>> Operation service outside working hours
>> Allocations
>> List of limits and superpoints [new]
>> Superpoints [new]
>> COA guaranteed 
>> Monitoring and mechanisms triggering [new]

Find out more about Invoicing and tariff:
>> 2023 Tariff terms [new]
>> The tariff simulation tool
>> Collection of storage compensation
>> Billing of gas transmission services