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Couverture Rapport éthique GRTgaz 2020
Business review

2020 ethics annual report

Created in 2014, the Ethics Committee is made up of a CODIR representative from each department and the Ethics Officer of GRTgaz Deutschland.
Perspectives gaz 2020
Business review

2020 gas perspectives

2020 - 2030 natural & renewable gases
Panorama du gaz renouvelable 2020

Renewable gases panorama in 2020

GRDF, GRTgaz, the French Renewable Energies Union (SER), the Professional Union of Non-Nationalised Gas Companies (SPEGNN) and Teréga are publishing the sixth edition of the Renewable Gas Panorama - an annual overview of a fast-growing renewable sector that, this time again, almost doubled in size between 2019 and 2020.
Statement of non-financial performance 2020

GRTgaz 2020 statement of non-financial performance

Overview of CSR action plan 2017-2020

Renewable Gas: Future Solutions for our Regions

Presentation of the various technologies developed (pyrogasification, methanization, Power to Gas, hydrothermal gasification), its uses and its benefits.
Catalogue of services (leaflet)
Commercial brochures

Catalogue of services (leaflet)

industrials connected to the GRTgaz transport network
Catalogue de prestations clients
Commercial brochures

Catalogue of services as of 1st January 2021

Rapport d'activités 2019 Recherche, développement et innovation de GRTgaz
Business review

Activity Report Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I)

Rapport d'activité de RICE publié en 2020.