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soTerritoires no.3

News on renewable gas and hydrogen solutions

Overview 2022

The Overview presents GRTgaz's network, activities, challenges and key figures in terms of innovation, energy transition and biodiversity.
Business review

GRTgaz integrated report

Global vision of the company: raison d'être, ambition, strategy, objectives, governance...

Renewable Gas Panorama 2021

GRDF, GRTgaz, the French Renewable Energies Union (SER), the Professional Union of Non-Nationalised Gas Companies (SPEGNN) and Teréga are publishing the sixth edition of the Renewable Gas Panorama - an annual overview of a fast-growing renewable sector that, this time again, almost doubled in size between 2019 and 2020.
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soClients no.2 - March 2022

GRTgaz commercial news
Business review

National consultation of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen market stakeholders

Final feedback report march 2022
soTerritoires numéro 2 - février 2022
Territorial journal

soTerritoires no.2

Anaerobic digestion, innovation, 3rd gas' revolution du gaz... energy transition in the regions with GRTgaz.
Injectez votre biométhane dans le réseau - couverture
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Inject your biomethane in the transport network

Biomethane producers, GRTgaz puts all its expertise at your service.
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