A collaboration based on the quest for superior performance

Environnement de travail - direction des achats - photo : Luc Maréchaux

To manage its own performance, the company must manage its suppliers.

Purchasing: key tasks

The Purchasing division makes the purchases required for projects, maintaining works and information systems, and telecommunications, as well as general purchases.

Its role is to: 

  • Design and manage strategic purchases.
  • Ensure supplier sourcing, in particular via active monitoring and benchmarks.
  • Check the supply market.
  • Monitor and develop suppliers’ performance.
  • Set up framework contracts or spot contracts.

Different types of contract

GRTgaz makes a distinction between two types of contract: framework contracts and ordinary contracts. For ordinary contracts, the service provider undertakes to deliver a supply, carry out works or perform a service for the benefit of GRTgaz in return for payment. The performance of framework contracts, however, requires that one of more orders are issued.

"Purchasing, Procurements & Logistic Department manages its suppliers to achieve superior performance for the company."

Isabelle Ragault-Rolland

Director of Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics

Changes in purchases and breakdown

Engineering maintenance 2018-2023 (€ millions)

Engineering maintenance 2018-2022 (€ millions)


General purchases and IT 2018-2023 (€ millions)

General purchases and IT 2018-2022 (€ millions)

Breakdown of 2023 purchases

Breakdown of 2022 purchases