GRTgaz Deutschland and Elengy are two key players in the European natural gas transmission market

As subsidiaries of GRTgaz, GRTgaz Deutschland and Elengy both contribute to developing low-carbon natural gas transportation throughout Europe.
MEGAL pipeline in Germany: Gernsheim compressor station - Photo: Circus Prod

Connecting the energies of the future

GRTgaz Deutschland, a German TSO certified ITO (Independent Transmission Operator), operates the MEGAL gas pipeline which extends the GRTgaz network in Germany to the Czech Republic and Austria. This high-capacity artery fulfills a dual role: transporting gas in southern Germany and transporting it to or from France, in response to market needs. The large volumes transported contribute to the security of supply of the two countries.

GRTgaz Deutschland, recently named HTNO (Hydrogen Transmission Network Operator), is participating in the energy transition and the development of carbon-free gas transmission by getting involved with other transmission network managers in Germany in the construction of a transmission infrastructure. transport dedicated to hydrogen: the “Kernnetz”, the heart of the hydrogen transport network. By 2032, one of the two MEGAL pipelines will be converted to H2, ready to accommodate the volumes of green hydrogen from southern Europe transported via the H2Med and HyFen structures.

Map of the MEGAL network extending the GRTgaz network in Europe

Map of the MEGAL network extending the GRTgaz network in Europe

"By making gas a “greener” option and promoting the development of hydrogen, we are helping to step up the pace of the energy transition, while offering innovative solutions to our customers."

Nicolas Delaporte

Managing Director of GRTgaz Deutschland

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Elengy: a European leader for LNG terminals

Elengy is an expert in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). It operates three regulated LNG terminals in France: Montoir-de-Bretagne on the Atlantic coast, Fos Cavaou, and Fos Tonkin in the Mediterranean.

As LNG gateways to Europe, these three sites provide the market with a range of services, including the loading and unloading of all types of LNG tankers, transshipment between LNG tankers, loading tanker lorries with LNG, or LNG regasification for injection into the transport network.

With LNG, Elengy contributes to the energy transition, for which stakeholders around the world have pledged to reduce their environmental footprint. Elengy is expanding its services to develop LNG usages and to be able to provide a carbon-neutral offering by 2050.

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