As a major player in natural gas transmission in Europe, GRTgaz offers value-added services to transmission infrastructure operators, investors and manufacturers throughout France and the world.
Expertise et prestations de RICE dans l’analyse du biométhane injecté - photo : AZMOUN HAMID

GRTgaz brings you its expertise via a range of different services. A complete catalogue of services is available for the execution, implementation and performance of your projects.

Assistance to the project owner/manager

  1. GRT operates as a project manager for gas infrastructure building projects. This takes place at 3 key moments in your biogas project:

  2. During the upstream phase, supporting you from the tender process GRTgaz provides its services in project engineering or advises on the choice of project location (pipeline route, industrial site location, rights of way, administrative procedures, hazard studies).
  3. During the construction phase, to ensure the success of your projects GRTgaz assists with project management or takes the role of Engineering project manager for pipelines, compressor stations, and all related equipment. The company also gives advice 
    on the long-lead items procurement, and on the management of rights of way and permitting procedures.
  4. During the operating and maintenance phase to ensure long-term operability   
    GRTgaz provides support for the operational management and maintenance of your infrastructures.

Acquisition of gas transmission assets

If you are an investor, GRTgaz offers its expertise in the following areas:

  • performing due diligence in multiple fields (regulation, sales and marketing, technical aspects, operation and maintenance, network management, etc.),
  • support with the acquisition phase, 
  • support with operation and maintenance.

Consulting and audits

GRTgaz provides consulting and audit services in 7 areas linked to gas transmission:

  1. Regulation (market opening, separation of transport operations, etc.)
  2. Development, design and implementation of gas markets
  3. Information systems: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems,
  4. Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMSS), etc.
  5. Operational performance
  6. Network operations (technical direction and commercial management)
  7. Infrastructure development strategy (development plan, etc.)
  8. Purchasing audit (pipelines, compressors, etc.)

Technical expertise

GRTgaz provides a wide range of technical and engineering expertise in the following areas: 

  • studies on existing gas transmission facilities (reconstruction projects, modification projects, etc.), 
  • metering, odorization, and gas quality (design and drafting of technical specifications, commissioning, support and awareness raising for operational teams, etc.),
  • protection against corrosion (design and inspection of equipment, facilities, etc.),
  • materials and welding (verification of inspection and testing certificates, etc.),
  • compression (in-depth understanding of compression: reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, etc.),
  • pipelines (diagnostics verification, monitoring and analysis of inspections using intelligent pigs, etc.).

GRTgaz’s support services are based on extensive experience and an acknowledged expertise in the field of natural gas transmission.


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