You are a local resident living near to our facilities

If you are a private individual and you plan to carry out works, you must apply the regulation in force to ensure both your own safety and that of GRTgaz facilities that may be buried (and invisible) on your land.

Find out about the presence of GRTgaz facilities

Yellow posts or markers indicate that there are GRTgaz pipelines nearby. If you want to carry out works on your land, you must find out about and understand the exact location and depth of these facilities. This information is available at all Town Councils and on the networks One-Call System website.

Works involved

  • Building a house.
  • Trenching work: connections, sanitation, roads and utility services (VRD).
  • Modifying the lie of the land, creating or modifying access points.
  • Building fences, verandas, garden sheds or shelters, swimming pools (even aboveground).
  • Planting or grubbing shrubs or saplings.

Steps before carrying out your works

  • Read the list of network operators present on your land, which is available on the networks One-Call System website.
  • Download the works declaration forms (Declaration of Proposed Works (DT) and Declaration of Intent to Carry out Works (DICT)).
  • Fill out the forms and send them to GRTgaz and the network operators concerned.
  • Wait to receive GRTgaz’s agreement and recommendations before starting your project (responses received within 7-15 days).

Declaring is protecting