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We make structures available to connect your facility to our natural gas transmission network, allowing us to supply you with natural gas. These are made up of one or more branch connections and several delivery points. In application of Articles L.111-19 and L.111-48 of the French Energy Code, GRTgaz is the owner of the connection facilities.

Two types of projects are defined for a new connection: so-called 'base-case' projects and 'other cases' projects that deal with specific requirements.

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We support your connection projects

If you are already a GRTgaz customer, or if you anticipate being one in the future, and you would like to change your connection facilities to use our network, or to improve your supply, you could benefit from our Development Discount.

This discount covers a portion of the costs of the connection facilities. The amount is proportional to the projected transmission income, estimated on a timescale of up to ten years. It can be up to 50% of the connection costs. 
In return, you commit to submitting an Advanced Reservation Contract for Transmission Capacity (CRAC) to reserve the capacities used in calculating the discount.

We provide a a simulator to help select your level of reserved capacity and the length of the CRAC.

The stages to your connection

Defining your project 

GRTgaz carries out a feasibility study based on your preliminary statement of needs and delivers a report on your connection.

This study is optional, free and non-binding. It provides you with a budget cost and estimated schedule for your connection project.

Connection Studies

Connection studies consist of feasibility studies and basic studies. After these are complete, you will receive our connection proposal.
In some cases, this stage is carried out as a single phase.

The feasibility studies begin once a feasibility studies agreement has been signed.
These studies are invoiced and must be paid for upon completion.

After the studies have been carried out, GRTgaz will send you a feasibility report, which is valid for six months. This report is binding on us and includes a budget estimate for the cost of the connection facilities, a provisional works schedule, and specifications.

The basic studies begin after the signing of the connection studies agreement. These studies are invoiced. Upon their completion, GRTgaz will submit a connection and injection proposal, which valid for six months.
This constitutes a final commercial offer. The proposal includes the price, the works schedule, and the specifications of the connection facilities. It also specifies their operating and maintenance conditions.

The connection contract comprises:

  • General Terms & Conditions applicable to all connection contracts,
  • Special Terms & Conditions detailing elements specific to your contract. These include the specifications of the branch connection and delivery point, the date for introducing gas into the connection facilities, commitments made by GRTgaz about delivery terms & conditions (delivery pressure, flow rate, etc.), and the price of connection contract services.

    The connection contract generally lasts for ten years after the date of signature. Thereafter, it is subject to annual tacit renewal.

    After signing the connection contract, GRTgaz submits the official application to the regional authorities or the relevant French ministry.

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You will be offered a start-up agreement in addition to the connection contract.This agreement will clarify each party's roles and responsibilities during this phase, and specify the conditions for exchanging information and programming your gas consumption profiles during testing.

Upstream of your facilities’ start-up, including testing, you must be in possession of a natural gas supply contract with a supplier approved by the authorities.
The list of natural gas suppliers is available on the Énergie info website.
Dans ce cadre, vous devez vous engager à souscrire ou à faire souscrire un ou plusieurs contrats d’acheminement correspondant à vos besoins par un ou plusieurs expéditeurs auprès de GRTgaz. 

GRTgaz constructs the connection facilities and introduces the gas supply after first obtaining construction and operating permits.

The branch connection refers to the transport structure providing the link between the main network or regional network, as appropriate, and the delivery point(s).

In the "base case", a fixed pricing structure is applied according to the diameter of the branch. 
In "other cases", pricing is set by quotation and included in the prices for providing connection facilities. 

The delivery point refers to the facility located at the downstream end of the natural gas transmission network. It contributes to ensuring that the delivery conditions meet the needs you expressed, particularly in terms of pressure and flow rate. It is also equipped with specific devices for metering, remote monitoring and filtration.

Scope of the ‘delivery point’ fixed pricing structure for manufacturers

Scope of the ‘delivery point’ fixed pricing structure for manufacturers

In the "base case", a delivery point fixed pricing structure is applied according to the flow rate.
This fixed price includes fitting and assembling the delivery point in situ, including fitting one or two pressure-reducing lines.
In "other cases", prices are set by quotation.

The price for constructing the delivery point is included in the price for providing connection facilities. 

For "base cases", a fixed pricing structure is applied to civil engineering works (building permits, land preparation, etc.) according to the flow rate range of the delivery point. For ‘other cases, prices are set by quotation.

So-called "routing utility services" consists of connecting the delivery point to the electrical grid and the public telephone network via a dedicated line.
The price is set by quotation.


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