Our gas independence

GRTgaz is stepping up the development of renewable gases and low-carbon hydrogen to support France’s energy independence.
Campagne de communication de GRTgaz - Indépendance gazière de la France (octobre 2023)

“Renewable gases and low-carbon hydrogen are something worth knowing about: they can cover 20% of our gas supply by 2030 and 100% by 2050!”  This new “French Gas Independence” campaign expands upon the previous campaign promoting renewable gases, making use of the same imagery. A TV advertising spot and a series of visuals linking photography and a simple tagline refer viewers to the website. Here, they are reminded of renewable gases’ value in decarbonising our economy, the circular economy, support for our farming industry, jobs created in France, etc.

“This speeds up our gas independence!”

France’s gas independence has become a major concern in light of the ongoing geopolitical tensions. It is a pillar of the country’s energy and climate roadmap. As France’s leading gas transporter, GRTgaz opts to highlight the potential of renewable gases and low-carbon hydrogen for our country’s gas independence. These have the potential to cover 20% of our gas supply by 2030 and meet 100% of our needs by 2050.

TV spot (french only)