Our gas demand restraint

Introducing the communication campaign on Ecogaz launched on 19 December 2022.
Campagne de communication GRTgaz 2022 et logo Ecogaz

GRTgaz rolled out a new communication campaign on Ecogaz last 19 December. Launched last October, this website enables consumers and companies to keep informed or receive alerts about any possible tensions on the gas grid, in order to moderate their consumption and in so doing preserve the balance of the French energy system.

To encourage the French to be more watchful and change their energy consumption habits, GRTgaz has chosen a warm, sensitive and caring approach for its campaign, which adopts the theme of warmth and the preservation thereof as its common thread. 

The TV campaign portrays children, women and men mutually providing each other comfort and warmth; the ad concludes with a scene from the everyday, in which a young woman is seen adjusting her consumption via her wall thermostat.

The ad is supplemented by 7 visuals deployed in a comprehensive digital campaign (programmatic, social media) and by referencing on Google to secure good visibility on all search engines until the end of the gas winter. This will encourage the widest possible audience to subscribe to Ecogaz alerts.

Ecogaz communication campaign