For you

GRTgaz’s “For you” campaign sets out the company’s commitment to the energy transition.
Visuels de la campagne GRTgaz Pour vous

Circulated over social networks and the Internet, the campaign highlights issues such as hydrogen, renewable gases and industrial decarbonisation, underlining the need to adapt the network to a sustainable energy future.

On Thursday 16 November 2023, GRTgaz, France’s leading natural gas transmission operator, unveiled its communication campaign entitled “For you”. This publicity campaign follows on from GRTgaz’s previous promotional event which focused on the possibility of France becoming gas-independent thanks to renewable gases and hydrogen.

The “For you” campaign aims to publicise GRTgaz’s shift towards the energy transition, consolidating its image as a company serving the interest of the general public and working towards the country’s low-carbon energy future.

It focuses on visuals covering key themes for the company: the importance of gas infrastructures for France’s low-carbon future, innovation in new gases, low-carbon hydrogen, the development of methanisation, energy sobriety, the emergence of technologies for producing renewable gases from waste, the production of hydrogen from renewable electricity, the transport of CO2 in connection with CO2 capture and storage technology, and the decarbonisation of industry.

Two films (45 and 30 seconds in length) will complete the campaign, and will be activated on the Internet and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and YouTube). The campaign will run until 20 December 2023. The scheme provides links to the website which reveals everything there is to know about these innovative gas technologies.

Campagne de communication Pour vous (novembre 2023)

In line with its mission statement, “Together, we make possible an energy future that is safe, affordable and climate-neutral,” GRTgaz is adapting its transmission system in order to transport a growing proportion of renewable gases today and hydrogen tomorrow. These solutions have the potential to cover up to 20% of France’s gas consumption by 2030 and to meet all our gas needs by 2050. These decarbonised energy solutions also include the capture, storage and recovery of CO2, an important technology for reducing unavoidable CO2 emissions produced by certain industries.

Campaign visuals, films and press release

Film of the campaign "For you"