Measure the quality of service

GRTgaz, which is ISO 9001-certified for all of its activities (transport, connection, delivery and gas carried), has set up several indicators to control the quality of its services.
Construction site of the pre-expansion / regulation station in Valhuon (62) - photo: Franck Dunouau

GRTgaz publishes the monitoring of its quality of services on a monthly or yearly basis.

Monthly or yearly indicators

  • Quality of quantities (1.a, 1.b, 1.c, 1.d)
    • 1.a -Quality of quantities measured at PITDs 
    • 1.b - Quality of the quantities telemetered
    • 1.c - Quality of intraday quantities telemetered
    • 1.d - Quality of global forecasts for gas day consumption
  • Reliability of the indicator of linepack (2.a)
  • Tracking the availability of the most useful information (2.c)
  • Tracking the quality of publications of the most useful information (2.d) 
  • Monitoring the functioning of the single market area (2.f)
  • Indicators of quality of service's GRTgaz related to maintenance (2.b) 
  • Tracking claims (2.e) 
  • Environmental indicators (2.g)