GRTgaz issues an invitation to tender for guaranteed interruptibility

Guarantee the security of our gas supply for individuals and protected clients
Balise de signalisation GRTgaz - Photo : Franck Dunouau

As tensions mount over gas supplies and as people strive to use less energy, the state authorities have decided to implement a paid “guaranteed interruptibility” scheme of 144 GWh/d (equivalent to 6 nuclear power plants). This will enable GRTgaz to contractually reduce the amount of gas consumed by a number of volunteer major consumers. On Monday 7 November, GRTgaz issued an invitation to tender targeting consumers connected up to its network or to distribution networks, the aim being to get proposals for the capacity that can be interrupted and then select the most appealing.

In the event of pressures on the gas system, before any load-shedding measures are implemented and in order to secure the gas supply for individuals and protected clients, GRTgaz may be required to implement a number of voluntary measures that involve lowering consumption: "transport” interruptibility and “secondary” interruptibility. 

In addition to these two existing schemes, GRTgaz has issued an invitation to tender for “guaranteed” interruptibility.

Consumers who are signatories of a guaranteed interruptibility contract undertake to reduce their gas consumption in the event of pressures on the network. In return, they will be paid, and the capacities that they have said may be interrupted will be exempt from Storage Compensation as of1 1 April 2023.

To be eligible for the offer, a client must meet the following conditions: 

  • have consumed more than 5 GWh in the calendar year preceding the call for tenders;
  • not engage in electricity generation from natural gas;
  • not have any general-interest remits or provide heating;
  • have an approval issued by its natural gas transmission or distribution system operator for the duration of the guaranteed interruptibility contract.

The best-priced clients (in terms of price / volume of interruptible capacities) will be selected to enter into an interruptibility contract with GRTgaz.

Le prix des contrats est plafonné à 200 euros/MWh et par jour et l'ensemble des offres reçues ne pourra excéder 144 GWh/jour sur le périmètre géographique de GRTgaz.

The contract prices are capped at €200 / MWh and per day. The total of all offers received may not exceed 144 GWh/day over the geographical area over which GRTgaz operates.

1 The call for tenders for guaranteed interruptibility will end on 2 December. The first supply interruptions may occur in early 2022.

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Balise de signalisation GRTgaz - Photo : Franck Dunouau

Guaranteed interruptibility

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