Guaranteed interruptibility

Broadcast of a webinar on Friday, October 21 at 11 a.m.
Balise de signalisation GRTgaz - Photo : Franck Dunouau

Pursuant to the Order of 7 October 2022 amending the Order of 17 December 2019, GRTgaz is preparing to implement the guaranteed interruptibility on the natural gas distribution and transmission networks in agreement with GRDF, Teréga and SPEGNN.

In the event of a serious threat to the networks and at the request of GRTgaz or their distribution system operator, customers who have signed a guaranteed interruptibility contract undertake to reduce their consumption. In return, they receive remuneration and a reduction in their modulation base subject to storage compensation.

GRTgaz (respectively Teréga for its perimeter) will organise in the coming weeks a call for tenders with all "eligible" customers, regardless of the network to which they are connected. Customers who so wish will respond to this call for tenders by proposing the capacity they can interrupt and the remuneration they request.

The best-priced customers will be selected to conclude an interruptibility contract with the transmission system operator to which they are connected or to which the distribution network supplying them is connected.

To be eligible for the offer, a customer must simultaneously meet the following conditions:

  • Have consumed more than 5 GWh in the calendar year preceding the call for tenders, 
  • Not engage in electricity generation from natural gas,
  • Have an approval issued by its natural gas transmission or distribution system operator for the duration of the guaranteed interruptibility contract..

To learn more about the terms of the guaranteed interruptibility and to ask your questions, we invite you to participate in the dedicated webinar on Friday, October 21 at 11am.