Dashboard for monitoring gas consumption in France

GRTgaz has announced its decision to resume publishing the gas consumption dashboard

As major efforts continue to make sensible and efficient use of gas, reflecting both tensions in the energy markets and the fact that the ecological transition is picking up the pace, GRTgaz is once again publishing its dashboard for monitoring French gas consumption for winter 2023-2024. This data, compiled and updated by GRTgaz with input from other gas operators, is available on its website every Tuesday. It is used to produce a snapshot of gas consumption so it can be compared with national targets in terms of using it carefully and efficiently. This dashboard shows gross gas consumption, as well as climate-adjusted consumption, providing better insights into the efforts to which consumers are going.

The benchmark chosen to compare gas consumption in France is still winter 2018-2019. This winter predates the pandemic, saw seasonally average temperatures and did not include any particular cold snaps.

Gas consumption is falling in France

Between 1 August and 5 November 2023, gas consumption in France fell by 27.7% compared with the same period in 2018.  Adjusted for climate, this equates to a 22.2% drop. 

Gas consumption in France and data corrected for weather 
This fall in gross consumption is the result of a reduction in gas consumption across all sectors.

Gas consumption by manufacturers connected up to the gas transport network has fallen by 25.7% as a result of it being used more efficiently.

Regarding public distribution, the 25.8% fall in gross consumption can be attributed both to the milder weather that we have had compared with 2018 / 2019, and to the efforts that consumers have been making to use gas more carefully.

Finally, nuclear power plants returning to the levels of availability last seen in 2015-2019, significant renewable energy production and careful use being made of electricity have all resulted in a significant reduction in the demand being made of gas power plants (-41.3%) compared with the benchmark year of 2018-19.

Gas efficiently: Ecogaz scheme

Launched on 2022, Ecogaz provides a means to forecast any stresses on the network with a view to triggering schemes for reducing industrial consumers’ gas demand in advance.

>> Press release  (October 2022) : launch of the Ecogaz scheme
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