Day-to-day workings of your connection and your injection point

From operation to needs evolutions

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the branch connection and injection point.


GRTgaz performs continual, remote monitoring of flow rates, pressure and gas pressure delivered by the injection points, the branch connection, and the whole of the network. GRTgaz also carries out field surveillance on foot, in vehicles and by overflying the network structures.


GRTgaz implements a voluntary inspection and repair programme for its natural gas pipelines to ensure their long-term durability. 
The inspection of the injection point consists of a compliance test of its functional components. 

Repair, Replacement and Renewal

GRTgaz determines and carries out operational and corrective maintenance operations. These operations maintain or restore the performance of appliances, valves or any other component of the injection point or local measuring device.

Throughout the connection and injection contract, GRTgaz checks that the biomethane is in compliance with the technical specifications in two ways:

  • Ongoing checks for substances that can be analysed using the chromatographs fitted at the injection point,
  • Sample checks that only cover substances which cannot be measured using the chromatographs fitted at the injection point.

If the sample analysis reveals any non-compliance of the biomethane then additional, mandatory checks may be carried out.

If your production capacity changes, GRTgaz will, at your request:

  • Make the reservation corresponding to your increased capacity request in the capacities management register,
  • Perform or update the network study for the zone in which your project is located, and assess the impact of the change on your connection and injection conditions, 
  • Analyse and carry out any adaptations that your connection facilities may require.


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