The Right to Injection

The Right to Injection decree and its implementation in the deliberation N°2019-242 of the Commission de Régulation de l'Energie (CRE) provide a framework for the inclusion of biomethane in gas networks. Network operators must work together to define the optimal connection of injection projects in an area while minimizing network adaptation costs for the community.

The costs of network adaptations, according to the technico-economic criteria defined by the Right to Injection pedecree, may, under certain conditions, be borne by the network operators.
As an indication and not as a prescription, operators shall make available a map of the conditions of access to the network. This mapping indicates a first order of magnitude of the technical-economic criterion: the lower the value of this criterion, the better the possibilities for network operators to carry out reinforcements to accommodate biomethane in the area.

However, even in a favourable area, only a specific study will be able to precisely define the technical and economic conditions of a possible outlet for a biomethane project.

Biomethane network access mapping

Identify your project on the map to visualise the financial challenges linked to connection.

Legend : techno-economic criterion [€/Nm3/h]

Legend : techno-economic criterion [€/Nm3/h]

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