Thierry Trouvé reappointed as CEO of GRTgaz

On 7 May 2021, the Board of Directors reappointed Thierry Trouvé as Chief Executive Officer of GRTgaz for a term of office of four years. This appointment was approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission in accordance with the French Energy Code.
Thierry Trouvé, Directeur général de GRTgaz - crédit photo : Franck Camuzat

In line with the expectations of its stakeholders and its new core purpose – “Together, we enable an energy future that is safe, affordable and climate neutral”  – GRTgaz is stepping up its commitment to the energy transition.

« The target of a 100% carbon-neutral gas system by 2050 will require the renewable gas sectors to become more competitive, and the ability to convert part of the existing network to transport hydrogen. The central issue for the next few years, as shown by our CAP24 project, is to transform GRTgaz to meet the challenge of the third gas revolution that is currently underway »

Thierry Trouvé

CEO of GRTgaz


Thierry Trouvé, 59, Specialist Engineer and a member of the Corps des Mines, has been CEO of GRTgaz since 26 April 2013. He began his career at the Ministry of Defence before holding various positions at the Paris Transport Authority (1990) and then at the Department of Industry (1996). In 2000, he joined the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) as Director of the Electricity Market and Public Utilities Division. In 2003, he was appointed Director of Pollution and Risk Prevention Operations responsible for major risks within the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. In 2006, he joined GRTgaz as Deputy CEO. He was appointed CEO of Elengy in 2009. In 2013, he was appointed CEO of GRTgaz. 

Thierry Trouvé is a Knight of the French Legion of Honour and a Knight of the French National Order of Merit.

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