As winter gets underway, GRTgaz launches a communications campaign all about the Ecogaz scheme and making sensible use of our gas supply

Campagne de communication GRTgaz 2022 et logo Ecogaz

On 19 December, France's main gas transmission system operator GRTgaz, will launch a communications campaign about the Écogaz scheme. Launched last October, consumers and companies can use the site to find out about – or be warned of – any pressures on the gas network. That way, they can reduce their consumption accordingly, thus keeping the French energy system balanced.

communications campaign about Ecogaz

GRTgaz is playing its part in keeping the French gas system balanced. Forecasts show that, in an average winter, the French gas system should be able to meet demand while keeping the electricity transport network running and contributing to Europe’s solidarity policy. 

However, in order to guard against any pressures which might emerge during the course of the winter, it is vital to use our gas supply as sparingly as possible (and the same applies to electricity). That's why, as winter gets underway, GRTgaz is launching a communications campaign all about making sensible use of our gas supply and the Ecogaz scheme.

A prevention campaign so that we continue with our efforts to use gas sensibly

As a way of encouraging people in France to step up their vigilance and adapt their energy consumption habits, GRTgaz has decided to adopt a warm, sensible and human approach to its campaign, which is all about warmth and preserving it. 

The TV campaign features children, women and men all mutually comforting one another and sharing warmth; the advert ends with an everyday scene in which a young woman adjusts her energy use via her wall-mounted thermostat.

The advert includes seven visuals which will be deployed as part of a comprehensive digital campaign (programmatic advertising, deployment via social networks) and using Google listings so that they rank high up in search engine results until the end of the gas winter. This will encourage as many people as possible to subscribe to Ecogaz alerts.

The 7 visuals of the Ecogaz communications campaign and key messages

A media campaign which reacts to pressures on the gas network

The TV campaign will start on 19 December and will continue until mid-January on TF1, France Télévisions, ARTE, BFM, LCI, RMC, CNews and L’Équipe. 
It will be widely broadcast before broadcasts of environment-related programmes on TF1, France Télévisions and M6. 

On the social networks, the Ecogaz campaign's visibility will be bolstered if there are any pressures on the gas network (if the Ecogaz alert signal goes yellow, orange or red).


Ecogaz and its subscription system for receiving alerts

The website is a five-day barometer designed to inform, raise awareness and warn both private individuals and companies. The “signal” is currently green and is updated every day. It is based on consumption forecasts for the next few days, combined with information about the way in which gas inputs (via gas pipelines, LNG terminals, biomethane storage and production facilities, etc.) and outputs are balanced across the network. People who subscribe to it can receive alerts by email or text message. The site also includes recommendations – a list of good eco-friendly good habits put together by the ADEME.

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