Launch of the Valenciennes Call for Expression of Interest (CEI)

Creation of a hydrogen hub between France and Belgium
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From 16 June to 16 September 2022, GRTgaz is launching its first Hydrogen Call for Expression of Interest, calling on regional stakeholders to express their interest in a cross-border low-carbon hydrogen transport network linking Valenciennes in France and Mons in Belgium’s Hainault region.

The Hydrogen Call for Expression of Interest initiative

In 2021-2022, GRTgaz held France’s first national low-carbon and renewable hydrogen consultation. It is now launching an CEI to confirm the economic interest in a hydrogen pipeline transport infrastructure around Valenciennes and extending to the border with Belgium, where the network would be connected to its Belgian equivalent that Fluxys plans to develop in parallel around the city of Mons.

This call for expressions of interest is transparent, non-discriminatory and open to all market stakeholders. It will be rolled out in two stages:

An initial, non-committing phase is a chance for stakeholders to describe their needs and for GRTgaz to define the necessary infrastructure. Stakeholders are invited to express their interest based on the information provided below. 

After this expression of interest and the signing of a contract, GRTgaz will carry out a feasibility study to determine the proper transport infrastructure and come up with an initial financial estimate.
If this non-committing phase confirms that there is market interest, GRTgaz will work together with interested parties to set the conditions for access to structures and the decision conditions for the completion of works, with the aim of launching a second “committing” phase.

During the initial non-committing phase, stakeholders are invited to express their interest based on details contained in the “Information Memorandum” supplemented by the “Infrastructure Proposal” and the “Hydrogen Specifications Proposal”, all of which can be downloaded below.

Infrastructure Proposal

GRTgaz’s proposed infrastructure bypasses the Valenciennes agglomeration to the east to connect the industrial zones located to the south and north. It extends northwards to the border with Belgium, where there is an interconnection to the Belgian network.

This initial proposal is purely indicative, and the route can be modified depending on market stakeholders’ responses to the Open Season expression of interest phase.

Indicative zone for the proposed hydrogen transport infrastructure route
Indicative zone for the proposed hydrogen transport infrastructure route

>> Enlarge the map of the indicative zone

>> Infrastructure proposal (french version)
>> Infrastructure proposal (english version)

Specific technical features

Hydrogen specifications relating to hydrogen quality and pressure conditions are needed to ensure the absolute safety and interoperability of the future hydrogen transport networks.

GRTgaz proposes some initial, indicative specifications, which are summarized in the document that can be downloaded below.

>> Hydrogen specifications proposal (french version)
>> Hydrogen specifications proposal (english version)

How to take part

Do you have a hydrogen production or consumption project? 
Are you interested in the proposed connection of a future hydrogen transport infrastructure in the Valenciennes region? 

You can express your interest in the project, even if you did not respond to the previous national H2 consultation in 2021.
This expressions of interest phase is open from 16 June until 16 September 2022.

After completing the online expression of interest form, you will be contacted by GRTgaz to specify your needs, after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Expression of Interest form

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Call for interest to market players

GRTgaz and Fluxys are willing to develop the first open-access, cross-border hydrogen transmission network.