Launch of a Call for Expression of Interest for Dunkirk market stakeholders

Developing a hydrogen transmission network

GRTgaz is launching its second “Hydrogen” Call for Expressions of Interest from 19 September to 18 November 2022, with market stakeholders from Dunkirk invited to express their interest in a low-carbon hydrogen transmission network.

The “Hydrogen” Call for Expression of Interest process

In its national consultation carried out in 2021 and 2022, GRTgaz identified the initial regions where low-carbon hydrogen was a development driver. Based on this mapping, regional consultations can now detail the needs of local stakeholders and outline future hydrogen transmission infrastructures. GRTgaz is calling on regional stakeholders to express their interest in this hydrogen transmission infrastructure project.

The Dunkirk region is a major French industrial port zone with a significant number of carbon-lowering initiatives based on a large-scale hydrogen ecosystem, the first production and consumption projects of which are currently under development. GRTgaz’s future infrastructure would connect hydrogen production and consumption sites, as well as interested companies located in the port.

The Dunkirk Call for Expressions of Interest is a transparent, non-discriminatory process open to all market stakeholders. It will take place in two phases:

  • An initial, non-binding phase, where stakeholders state their needs and GRTgaz defines a suitable infrastructure. Stakeholders are invited to express their interest based on the elements described below.
    GRTgaz will then carry out a feasibility study, the aim of which is to meet stakeholders’ needs and come up with an initial budget assessment.
  • If this non-binding phase confirms the market interest, GRTgaz will define the access conditions to structures and the conditions for carrying out works, working alongside the interested parties, with a view to launching the second “binding” phase.

During the initial non-binding phase, stakeholders are asked to express their interest based on the elements described in the “Information Memorandum” that supplements the “Infrastructures Proposal” and the “Hydrogen Specifications Proposal”, which can be downloaded below.

Infrastructure proposal

GRTgaz’s proposed hydrogen transmission network crosses various sections of the Port of Dunkirk:

  • to the west, the network passes through the commune of Gravelines, 
  • it then runs near to the Atlantic basin and the “Sustainable Chemistry” (Chimie Verte) zone following the technical corridors identified by the Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque,
  • it then joins the central Port and the area east of the port, up to the site of a former refinery.

This initial proposal is indicative, and the route may be altered based on regional stakeholders’ feedback.

Technical specifications

Specifications relating to hydrogen quality, pressure and temperature will be required to safely operate the future hydrogen transmission networks and ensure their interoperability.

GRTgaz proposes using the initial specifications, on an indicative basis, which are summarised in the document available for download below.

How to take part?

Do you have a hydrogen production or consumption project? 
Are you interested in connecting to the future hydrogen transmission infrastructure proposed for Valenciennes? 

You can express your interest in the project, even if you did not respond to GRTgaz's previous national Hydrogen consultation in 2021.
This Expression of Interest phase is open from 19 September to 18 November 2022.

After completing the online Expression of Interest form, and having signed a confidentiality agreement, you will be contacted by GRTgaz to set out your needs in detail.

Press release

Launch of a Call for Expression of Interest for Dunkirk market stakeholders

GRTgaz launches an open season market consultation procedure for the construction of new dedicated hydrogen infrastructure in Dunkirk