“The municipalities must mediate between project owners and stakeholders.”

Anne-Marie Reveau, Mayor of Combrand (Deux-Sèvres)

Anne-Marie Reveau has been Mayor of Combrand for almost 15 years. She gave her backing to the creation of the Gazteam anaerobic digestion unit in her small rural municipality. The boldness of its founder, Alain Caillaud, was persuasive, and she immediately saw this innovative project as a good way to breathe life into Combrand and offer new prospects to farmers in the surrounding area.

Anne-Marie Reveau testimonial

Mayor of Combrand

Cyril Sourisseau, a Combrand farmer, decided to partner with Gazteam to recover his livestock effluent and obtain a digestate that leads to healthier soils and creates additional income. As well as the benefits to his business, he is pleased with this choice as he believes that farmers have everything to gain from strength in numbers.

Cyril Sourisseau testimonial

Combrand farmer

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Anaerobic digestion is a way for farmers to play a part in the energy transition

“When it comes to renewable energy, there is one basic message to remember: let’s move towards more efficient energy consumption.”