Sandrine Meunier is appointed CEO of GRTgaz

The Board of Directors of GRTgaz has appointed Sandrine Meunier CEO of the GRTgaz Group for a four-year term, starting on 25 January 2024. This appointment has been approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission, in application of France’s Energy code.
Sandrine Meunier is a member of the Executive Committee of GRTgaz, and previously served as its Director of Operations. Sandrine Meunier has been appointed to take over from Thierry Trouvé, who is retiring.

Sandrine Meunier CEO of the GRTgaz Group


Sandrine Meunier began her career in 1999 with Gaz de France’s Research Department.

In 2009, she joined GRDF as Chief of Operations for the Western Ile-de-France region.

In 2013, she joined the Technical Department of GRTgaz.

In 2017, she coordinated the Trans’HYtion project, designed to investigate options for developing a hydrogen sector in France.

In 2018, she was appointed Deputy Director of the Information System Department at GRTgaz.

In 2019, Sandrine Meunier was appointed R&D Director in charge of the RICE (Research and Innovation Centre for Energy) at GRTgaz.

In 2021, Sandrine Meunier was appointed Director of Operations for GRTgaz, tasked with managing major projects launched by the Operations Department, and in particular with adapting it to the corporate project, the aim being to transform GRTgaz and speed up development of the renewable gas and hydrogen sectors.

Sandrine Meunier is 52 and was awarded a PhD in Chemistry in 1999 from the Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand).

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