Launch construction of the industrial Ch0C pilot

90% of CO2 emissions prevented: launch of the Ch0C pilot, A low-carbon industrial gas boiler
Lancement chaudière CH0C - septembre 2023 (crédit photo : GRDF)

  • 16 partners launch construction of the industrial Ch0C pilot;
  • Winner of the France 2030 DEMIBaC call for projects – development of technological building blocks and pilots – creation of first industrials combining supply and demand –;
  • Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has allocated €1.2 million to the project of the €2.9 million that it requires.

In a letter sent to several members of the consortium this summer, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the high quality of the project previously examined by the ADEME. She also emphasised that the pilot is "fully in line with France’s targets to reduce its emissions by 2030, and the strategy of speeding up decarbonisation of industry set by its national low-carbon strategy”.

The Ch0C CO2 emissions by more than 4 million tonnes annually in France

The boiler will be designed and built at the Babcock Wanson plant in Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne). Fives will design and supply the Pillard® combustion system integrated into the boiler.

In early 2024, the 3 MW boiler and the CO2 capture / liquefaction system built by VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ will be delivered to the Villers-Saint-Paul (Oise) industrial site operated by ENGIE Solutions. This is where the pilot will be tested. Naldeo Technologies & Industries will coordinate the project’s engineering throughout its duration. The Ch0C boiler could go on sale starting in 2025. Replacing 1000 industrial boilers with this new one could prevent 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year1.

1 Assumptions adopted: 1000 3 MW gas boilers operating 7000 hours per year: associated gas consumption: 21 TWh (billions of kWh); 90% reduction in direct CO2 emissions resulting from this consumption compared with a traditional gas boiler.

An innovative and high-performance technology to capture and make use of CO2

What is innovative about the Ch0C boiler is the fact that it uses oxygen instead of air during the combustion process: this is what is known as oxycombustion. In addition to improving the boiler's performance, the process concentrates the CO2 produced with a view to capturing and then making use of it. The boiler, used in conjunction with the CO2 capture and liquefaction system, could reduce the direct CO2 emissionss2 generated by industrial boilers to produce steam and hot water by more than 90%. In so doing, it would meet the stringent requirements currently weighing on manufacturers in terms of decarbonisation. A technology that is being closely monitored by manufacturers in the paper / cardboard, chemicals and agri-foods sectors.

2 The emissions taken into account are direct emissions (scope 1).

industrial Ch0C pilot


Decarbonising industry effectively: 16 players brought together to create a sector of excellence in France

The consortium, run by Naldeo Technologies & Industries, is made up of energy specialists, equipment builders, scientific experts and manufacturers. Babcock Wanson, ENGIE Solutions, Fives, GRDF, GRTgaz, TotalEnergies, VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ are partner members involved in the project. Agrial, Agro mousquetaires, Bonduelle, Carboneo, Coca-Cola, Constellium, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and the University of Paris are observer members.

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