“Je le fais chez GRTgaz” (I do it at GRTgaz)

Eight employees at the heart of GRTgaz's first employer brand and recruitment campaign.
Visuels clés de la campagne Je le fais chez GRTgaz

GRTgaz, the major gas transmission operator committed to delivering the energy transition, is launching its first entirely digital employer brand and recruitment campaign. Eight employees have volunteered to be ambassadors for this campaign, proactively illustrating the company's commitment, its actions and its values at a time when recruiting talented people is proving challenging. 

Starting on Wednesday, 31 January 2024 for a period of four to five months, GRTgaz will be running its first employer brand and recruitment campaign, featuring eight visuals and a series of associated animations. The campaign will be rolled out as part of a wide activation plan targeting the major social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Reddit, Twitch and Discord), job boards (Indeed, Jobijoba, jobtome, Inzejob, Monster and Talent.com) and various media outlets and affinity sites (such as Journal du Geek and Les Numériques).

At a time when the energy sector is struggling to recruit people, this campaign is designed to attract and diversify the recruitment of talented people, thus enabling GRTgaz to step up its efforts to deliver the energy transition. To meet its aim of achieving net zero in France by 2050, GRTgaz is looking for people with a specialist background: engineers, operations agents and technicians, pipeline mechanics, IT developers, etc.

The “Je le fais chez GRTgaz” campaign highlights the forward-looking activities and commitments of a company which currently employs some 3400 people. It was designed with input from managers and employees from departments across the company, from a range of different backgrounds. Several themes have been explored:

  • GRTgaz's ability to engage in activities to do with the energy transition, renewable gases, waste recovery (biomethane), developing hydrogen and transporting CO2 .
  • The company's willingness to showcase the diversity of its employees, to offer careers via which people can innovate and to enable its employees to develop their skills throughout their professional lives. 
  • Showcasing quality-of-life in the workplace at GRTgaz.

“On a tight labour market, it is vital that we improve the way in which we showcase our activities that are very much focused on the energy transition. We decided to put this campaign together with input from women and men across the company to ensure that it reflects our values and it is in keeping with our image”.

Adeline Duterque

GRTgaz's General Secretary

Campaign's key visuals

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