Eric Courtalon appointed Environment Director at GRTgaz

GRTgaz has appointed Eric Courtalon to the position of Environment Director, effective as of 1 March 2023.

Eric Courtalon reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for structuring and managing an overhauled environmental policy that is in line with GRTgaz's CSR commitments, as well as with the company’s purpose statement more widely. With this appointment, GRTgaz is readying itself to better anticipate regulatory and societal changes to do with transport and carbon-free energy.

Eric Courtalon Environment Director at GRTgaz


Since 2020, Eric Courtalon had served as Director of Operations at Brazil's largest natural gas transmission system owner – TAG (Transportadora Associada de Gás).

Eric Courtalon's career spanning more than 30 years in the electricity and gas industry began with Gaz de France in 1991 – he served as a mechanical design engineer at the Centre National d’Équipements (national facility centre). He was also a project engineer until 2000, before taking over management of the Welding Materials Integrity department in Compiègne.

He then joined the engineering centre in 2004, managing compression station construction projects, before joining GRTgaz's engineering centre in 2007. In 2011, he was appointed Deputy Director of GRTgaz's Technical Division. 
At the end of 2013, Eric Courtalon started a new job in Mexico as technical adviser for investors in the construction of the “Los Ramones Sur” gas pipeline.

He returned to GRTgaz in 2016 to help set up the RICE (Research and Innovation Centre for Energy), which he managed when it was launched. Eric Courtalon is 57 years old and has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Pierre and Marie Curie University (the Sorbonne). He also has an engineering diploma from the National Institute of Advanced Engineering.

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