Grande Region Hydrogen

Partnership between 70 economic, academic and industrial stakeholders

Creos Deutschland, GRTgaz and Encevo launch the "Grande Region Hydrogen" initiative

On 24 March 2021, gas network operators Creos Deutschland, GRTgaz, and the Luxembourg energy group Encevo launched the “Grande Region Hydrogen” initiative during a digital event involving more than 70 economic, academic and industrial stakeholders.

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This cross-border, multi-sector scheme aims to step up ongoing discussions about the creation of a universally accessible ecosystem and a hydrogen infrastructure within the “Grande Région” made up of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Lorraine (Grand Est) in France, Wallonia in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In practical terms, the “Grande Region Hydrogen” initiative will involve regular thematic meetings and a web platform to expand the discussion of hydrogen chain experiences, from production to consumption. It will forge links and ramp up synergies in all sectors (public and private), laying the foundations for the coordinated development of hydrogen solutions in the Grande Région. In the longer term, the collaboration will help to create an integrated European hydrogen network.

This initiative is fully consistent with the European Commission’s “Green Deal”, which aims to make the EU a carbon-neutral space by 2050. In line with this target, the industrial, energy, heat production and mobility sectors face a major transformation challenge. Achieving carbon neutrality means not only increasing the production of renewable energies but also developing complementary technologies. Among these, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen meet a two-fold challenge: decarbonising a portion of industry and the mobility sector, and ensuring the storage of intermittent electrical energy.

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