Reverse flow stations to optimise production

Mareuil-lès-Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) reverse flow station - Photo : Luc Maréchaux

With the boom in biomethane, France is seeing saturation points where production is greater than local consumption. To remove this limitation linked to the network’s distribution capacity, GRTgaz has installed its first reverse flow stations.x

Rôle des stations de rebours

Reverse flow stations compress the excess gas in the local distribution zones and redirect it to the transmission network. The redirected gas is then sent to consumption zones located further away or to storage facilities. As such, regional stakeholders know that all gas produced on site will be used, which offers security to new projects. Four reverse flow stations have already been commissioned in France, and 20 more are being studied.

Reverse flow: a new solution for developing renewable gas


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