The HYnframed project: uniting industrial stakeholders in Fos-sur-Mer

HYnframed’s Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) had a positive outcome. Around 20 stakeholders in hydrogen production, consumption, storage or import terminals responded to this market CEI.

First observation: A wide variety of stakeholders are interested in the infrastructure project, which includes 150 km of hydrogen pipeline in the industrial-port zone of Fos-sur-Mer (13) and underground storage facilities in Manosque (04). These include long-standing industrial companies, new players in the petrochemicals or e-fuels markets, cement manufacturers, and others. “HYnframed is attractive, and a strong collaborative dynamic has been established between industrial stakeholders,” said Geoffroy Anger, Head of Hydrogen Development at GRTgaz, whose role is that of organiser and facilitator.

Next step: conducting engineering studies leading to an investment decision in 2025. Commissioning is expected from 2028. “The observed dynamic shows the importance of Fos-sur-Mer and Manosque for the development of the future hydrogen market, with a high consumption potential,” states Geoffroy Anger. The area was also chosen to host the arrival of BarMar, the first European-level hydrogen pipeline between Spain and France, and a major section of the future H2Med, Europe’s first green hydrogen corridor that will connect the Iberian Peninsula to France and Germany by 2030.


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