GRTgaz’s national logistics platform in Montierchaume (Châteauroux Métropole) celebrates 10 years in operation

On Thursday 19 May, GRTgaz celebrated the 10th anniversary of its national logistics platform in Montierchaume, central France.

On Thursday 19 May, GRTgaz celebrated the 10th anniversary of its national logistics platform in Montierchaume, central France. For the occasion, Franck Wintenberger, Deputy CEO of GRTgaz in charge of Finance, Purchasing and Logistics and Isabelle Ragault-Rolland, Director of Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics at GRTgaz met the GRTgaz teams and the companies working with the platform. Joining them were Dominique Guignat, Deputy Mayor of Montierchaume, and Catherine Dupont, Vice President of Châteauroux Métropole with special responsibility for regional attractiveness and promoting economic development.

Discours de Franck Wintenberger et Isabelle Ragault-Rolland (GRTgaz)


A vital platform for the company’s continued success

The GRTgaz national platform is used to store and distribute the equipment for maintaining gas installations at the 140 depots nationwide and supply all GRTgaz sites. Its facilities include a 10,000-m2 warehouse and a five-hectare pipe storage facility with capacity for between 80 and 120 km of steel pipes. Furthermore, with space for as many as 5,000 pallets, 12,000 containers, 430,000 pieces and 7,000 product references, the platform is used to store taps, forged components, signage, gas meters, chemical products, maintenance equipment and control devices in its warehouse. A duty system is in place for taking deliveries of “safety stock” 24/7. In 2021, merchandise worth €19M was delivered to the platform, 40% of which was intended for GRTgaz sites.

An HQE-certified site

Opened on 2 December 2011, the platform is a low-energy tertiary building and was the first logistics site in France to obtain HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification. In addition, 1,100 m2 of photovolatic panels have been fitted on the roof, four hectares are allocated to eco-grazing for Solognote sheep, four hives are kept and managed on the site, and GRTgaz has also signed a zero pesticide charter with Pays Castelroussin - Val de l’Indre, the Brenne-Berry CIEP (permanent centre for environmental initiatives) and Indre Nature.

GRTgaz in Indre

In the department of Indre, GRTgaz also operates 426 km of gas network and the compressor station in Roussines, a crucial facility for nationwide gas supply.

Fully invested in the energy transition and convinced of the essential role renewable gas and hydrogen will have in France’s shift to a low-carbon economy, GRTgaz is actively involved in the development of methanisation in the Centre Val-de-Loire region. This is particularly demonstrated by the multiple biomethane injection projects linked up to the network in Indre, including the (bio)NGV mobility project. To this end, the new (bio)NGV refuelling station in Châteauroux Métropole will be an important addition to this national logistics hub.


  • 2 December 2011
    The site is inaugurated following the merger of the regional stock and the Nanterre platform to create the national platform based in Montierchaume, Indre (central France)
  • 2012
    Completion of the IT integration for national stock
  • 2013-2018
    Major GRTgaz infrastructure projects: Hauts-de-France, Arc de Dierrey and Val de Saône artery comprising 650 km of pipeline and new compressor stations in Cuvilly, Dierrey, Voisines et Vindecy
  • 2016
    Part of the equipment needs for the artery project in Val de Saône is stored ready for the laying of 188 km of pipeline and the building of ancillary installations for crossing three regions
  • 2017-2019
    Optimisation of stock in maintenance depots: campaign to return overstock
  • 2019
    Zero pesticide charted signed with Pays Castelroussin - Val de l’Indre
  • 2020
    Phase 1 of rebuilding the pipe storage facility including a new more secure and easy-to-use chock system (replacing wooden chocks)
  • 2021
    Eco-grazing introduced
  • 2022
    Phase 2 of the pipe storage facility rebuild
  • Janvier 2023
    Redesign of the warehouse management IT system