The EcoGreen Gas Challenge: a race to promote the energies of tomorrow

GRTgaz is a partner of the EcoGreen Gas Challenge 2022 taking place from 18-19 May 2022 in Fay-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique).

Inspired by the Shell Eco Marathon, the EcoGreen Gas Challenge 2022 is taking place from 18-19 May on the Loire-Atlantique racetrack in Fay-de-Bretagne. The competition is being organised with the support of GRTgaz and other partners, with races centred on vehicles that run on renewable gas (bioNGV) and low-carbon hydrogen.

The Loire’s EcoGreen Gas Challenge is an innovative event whose goal is to promote green gas for low-carbon mobility. The first edition is being organised with the support of GRTgaz, GRDF and the Pays de la Loire region. It will take place 30 km from Nantes on 18 and 19 May 2022. Fifteen teams of French and European students will be put through their paces on the Fay-de-Bretagne racetrack. Their challenge is to build and drive a vehicle over 20 km at an average speed of 25 km per hour using a minimum quantity of gas fuel (biomethane, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen).

GRTgaz, as ever, has an eye on achieving the best possible energy transition and carbon neutrality. It is counting on the challenge to promote renewable gases and low-carbon hydrogen. This is an effective, sustainable way of decarbonising transport, as seen in the use of NGV in public mobility for over 20 years. The quest for green, sustainable energy has led to a rapid expansion in the development of gas mobility over the past three years, particularly in 2020. The main reason for this is the growing number of heavy vehicles running on NGV or BioNGV.

>> Statement by Jean Terrier, GRTgaz Head of Mobility, on the development of gas mobility (PDF)

This challenge also supports educational projects that let high-school and university students play an active role in their education. The students' creativity is a central feature of this transport decarbonisation challenge.

Towards the development of hydrogen and bioNGV

This event is a chance for GRTgaz to highlight the potential of green gases – hydrogen and BioNGV – as fuel, and also to establish France and the Pays de la Loire region as key players in decarbonised mobility and green gas.

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