Data publication evolves on your ingrid portal

Removal of some post formats and new features.

At the beginning of 2024, GRTgaz will complete the redesign of its private website for its clients, and ingrid will definitively replace TRANS@ctions and ingridlab. At the same time, the publication of our data will evolve: some publication formats will be removed or modified, and new ones will be proposed.

To help you prepare for this, particularly if you use our data to automatically feed your own information systems, we are now providing a map in the ingrid user help section, enabling you to visualize the changes for the various publications, as well as the first technical guides concerning the new csv formats for the most frequent publications, i.e. metering notices and statements.

During the testing phase, which is due to take place before the summer, you will be able to retrieve a set of files based on actual data from a previous month, enabling you to easily compare whether the changes have been properly taken into account. You will be notified of this new step by e-mail.