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The contents include: H2Med, CEI H2 Fos-sur-Mer, biomethane production, gas winter and the Ecogaz campaign...

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soNews No.8 highlights: April 2023

The French Renewable Energy Union (SER), GRTgaz and several gas sector players have just published the annual Renewable Gas Panorama. This eighth edition comes in a year marked by a major energy crisis – conditions that have demonstrated the strategic importance of national renewable gas production.

Last September, GRTgaz launched a Call for Expressions of Interest (CEI) for low-carbon hydrogen transmission in Dunkirk. The initiative was a success. Eleven industrial companies have responded, confirming the interest in a first low-carbon hydrogen transmission infrastructure at the port. The next step is to conduct a feasibility study.

Green2TSO is a project led by French, Spanish and Portuguese TSOs aimed at promoting the development of hydrogen in European gas transmission networks through open innovation and the development of new technologies. These include GRTgaz, which brings in particular the high-level expertise of its research centre, RICE.

Baptiste Dubois is a 30-year-old farmer based in Aube, near to Bar-sur-Seine, and president of the MD Biogaz anaerobic digestion unit. He explains why he chose to set up an anaerobic digestion unit with his two cousins.

On 20 April, GRTgaz dedicated an entire webinar to hydrothermal gasification. This was a chance to learn more about this innovative technology for producing renewable gas from organic waste – a promising alternative to incineration or landfill. The event includes a round table discussion featuring three developers.