Biomethane Purchase Agreement (BPA) : deciphering for industrial gas consumers

Publication of a guide made by Osiris and GRTgaz.
Photo unité biogaz (GRTgaz) et photo Osiris

The results of the joint GRTgaz - OSIRIS work provide initial insights into BPA. OSIRIS and GRTgaz hope to inspire other actors and other initiatives for a rapid deployment of these BPA in the service of decarbonization and industrial competitiveness in France.

The use case provided by OSIRIS has been a major factor in the construction of this deciphering of BPA. This guide is for industrial gas consumers, public authorities, local authorities and finally the various actors in the renewable and low-carbon gas sectors (methanization, pyrogasification, hydrothermal gasification, Power-to-Methane).

The document is divided into four main sections :

  1. Introduction to biomethane ;
  2. Definition of the different forms of BPA ;
  3. Questions frequently asked by industrial gas consumers;
  4. Ten obstacles identified, with action proposals and examples from stakeholders.

OSIRIS and GRTgaz would like to thank E-CUBE and FINERGREEN for producing this guide, and AXPO FRANCE and WAGA ENERGY for their contributions.