Biomethane and (bio)NGV

The “smart” gas networks revolution in Mauges Communauté
Station GNV de Wissous - crédit photo : Grégory Brandel

A visit to the GRTgaz fuelling station on the Magues (Maine-et-Loire) distribution network was organised on 22 April by the joint local authority as part of a study tour examining the production and distribution of biomethane.

The goal was to solidify elected representatives’ vision for projects currently underway in the region. This station is the start point for a 33 km gas backbone providing fuel for consumers of the impending bioNGV station. The visit was a chance for GRTgaz and Sorégies (a local semi-public gas and electricity distribution company) to present an innovation used in the station: remote calibration.
This “smart grid” station is linked to an exchange platform for consumers and producers. It integrates “smart” operational intelligence into the gas chain by managing supply conditions remotely according to local production and consumption levels.

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