GRTgaz publishes its first integrated report

Three questions put to Christophe Delfeld, GRTgaz Head of CSR and Stakeholders, on the issues addressed in this first integrated report.

The report was co-drafted with all departments and shared with the company’s stakeholders. It forms part of GRTgaz’s reporting commitment undertaken in 2020, and goes beyond the single report produced to date. Christophe Delfeld, GRTgaz Head of CSR and Stakeholders, clarifies the issues addressed in this first integrated report.

Christophe Delfeld, directeur RSE et parties-prenantes de GRTgaz

What is an integrated report?  

Until 2018, GRTgaz published an annual sustainable development report. For the years 2019 and 2020, we published Extra-Financial Performance Statements (déclarations de performance extra-financière - DPEF), as all companies with more than 500 employees are legally obliged to do. The integrated report goes further than these previous reports, while still including the updated extra-financial performance indicators. In terms of structure and content, it has a broader and more “integrated” viewpoint. It places our actions in the current context and recalls the fundamental elements on which the company is based: our core purpose, our strategic framework, our main goals, our decisions in the face of economic, societal, technological and environmental change, as well as our governance to ensure that we meet our goals and commitments. The integrated report will question the way that we create value both for ourselves and for our stakeholders. It also looks at the way GRTgaz contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, starting with climate issues and access to energy.

Why has GRTgaz chosen this year, specifically, to publish an integrated report?  

The year 2021 was a transformative year for GRTgaz. The company’s core purpose adopted in 2020 (“Together, we enable an energy future that is safe, affordable and climate neutral”) began its operational deployment as part of the CAP24 business plan. This is a strategic plan centred around our CSR policy for the period 2021-2024, which will steer the transformation of our business lines and our organisation over the coming years.

We hence chose a more demanding format to report on this new trajectory. The integrated report is in line with our current overall performance management, as well as being more transparent and complete in order to meet our stakeholders’ expectations and with an eye on future regulations.

Will this new way of reporting influence your CSR policy?

The integrated report meets the standards of the Value Reporting Foundation – an international reference that guides companies in assessing their extra-financial performance. Every year, we will assess our actions, measure our progress, set new goals and improve our governance. The integrated report will make us question our processes and our results, with a view to ongoing future improvements.

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