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  • New process test service

    GRTgaz offers an opportunity to subscribe to a test service if you are just about to start tests on your new process and cannot pinpoint with certainty the days of use of the daily capacity during the test phases. This service is subject to a specific contract.

    To know more about the new process test service

  • New site launch

    In order to facilitate the management of your delivery capacity intended to supply a new site, GRTgaz supports you by offering possibilities during the first year of creation to adjust this delivery capacity.

    To know more about capacity mangement for new site launch.

  • Short-notice interruptible transport service

    This optional offer allows you, under certain conditions, to benefit from interruptible capacity if your site is located close to an interconnection point and has delivery capacity in excess of 10 GWh/d. This offer is the subject of a specific contract.

    To know more about the short-notice interruptible transport service

  • Short-notice reservation services for daily capacity

    GRTgaz offers a short-notice capacity delivery service. This service is intended for shippers that supply industrial consumers that may have urgent, occasional needs in gas in excess of their annual and monthly delivery capacity

    To know more about the short-notice reservation services for daily capacity .

  • Highly modulated sites

    A certain number of end customers’ sites are characterised by high natural gas consumption levels and strong fluctuations in these consumption levels during the day, also referred to as intraday modulation.

    A site is referred to as “highly modulated” when it has a modulated daily volume in excess of 0.8 GWh/d per day of operation.

    GRTgaz offers a specific intraday flexibility service for these “highly modulated” sites.

    More information on these highly modulated sites and the intraday flexibility offer.

  • Merging

    A merging of annual regional transmission capacity and annual delivery capacity may be authorised for two consumer delivery points under certain conditions. 

    The merging takes the form of one of the two consumer delivery points having the possibility of using at no cost a part of the firm capacity subscribed for the other consumer delivery point if this consumer delivery point is not using it. 

    To take advantage of this offer, the two points must:

    • Be located on the same industrial site and connected to the same branch of the regional network,
    • Present a downstream industrial link, leading to transfers between them of natural gas consumption,
    • Be supplied by the same shipper and have the same regional transmission tariff terms.