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Regulatory framework

Independence of transmission system operators

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The Energy Code organises the autonomy and independence of gas transport network operators with regard to companies performing a gas production and supply activity.
In application of the dispositions of the Code, GRTgaz belongs to the “Vertically Integrated Company” made up of ENGIE SA and the companies that it controls within the European Economic Community and performing a natural gas production or supply function.

By deliberation of the Energy Regulation Commission dated 26 January 2012, providing a decision on the certification of GRTgaz, the company was certified an independent transport network operator (ITO) in application of the dispositions of article L111-9 of the Energy Code.

Without access to infrastructures, no company would be able to make offers on the gas market.

  • The regulator's role

    The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) guarantees transparent, non-discriminatory and fair access to gas infrastructures and helps to determine access rules.

    • It sets the rates for accessing the natural gas transmission and distribution networks and LNG terminals. 
    • It verifies the efficiency of the costs borne by users and ensures that the investments necessary for the correct functioning of the market are made. 
    • It participates in European work aimed at harmonising in Europe rules on the functioning of gas infrastructures.
  • Incentivising regulation

    The tariff framework is multi-year, spanning four years in the case of GRTgaz. Risky investments receive the benefit of financial incentives.

    • For GRTgaz, the remuneration of regulated assets is increased for 10 years in the case of capacity and fluidity investments. 
    • Financial incentives foster operational performance that benefits customers. GRTgaz is subject to a system of rewards and penalties tied to productivity, quality of service and metering accuracy.



  • Ongoing dialogue

    Ongoing dialogue is held between transmission network operators and market players as part of the "Concertation Gaz" body.
    This provides a forum for feedback on the functioning of the market and improving and preparing the planned developments.
    Its conclusions are notified to the Energy Regulatory Commission.

  • Stronger independence

    The transposition of the 3rd European Directive on the internal market in natural gas strengthens the independence of network operators: they need to integrate all of the functions necessary for the independent conduct of their activities, including support functions such as information systems, purchasing and logistics. GRTgaz integrated all of these functions and is preparing to become a certified Independent Transmission Operator (ITO) on 26 January 2012.