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Biomethane Information

Production sites, new connections to gas networks, production and projects: all the information about biomethane in France.

Biomethane production sites connected to natural gas networks in France

Biomethane is developing over the whole of France. It is produced by transforming organic material from various sectors: agriculture, household waste, industry, gas from non-hazardous waste storage facilities, water treatment stations.

Discover the characteristics of each production site connected to a gas network in France. By clicking on the diagram showing the capacity connected to the GRTgaz network, the map will display the sites connected to the GRTgaz network and their characteristics.

View “biomethane injection points in France” information

To find out more about the sites connected to GRDF's distribution network, visit the website Open Data GRDF.

New connections

The graphs below show the annual commissioning trend by type of site (agricultural, industrial, etc.) and by region. By clicking on one of the French regions on the map, the graphs update dynamically and display information about the selected region. By clicking on the sectoral legend, the graphs show information about the chosen sector (agricultural, industrial, etc.).

View “biomethane injection points in France” information


Biomethane production in France

The GRTgaz network receives and transports biomethane. Discover how much biomethane is injected directly into the GRTgaz network and the annual trend over the whole of France. The counter will be updated every month and show how much biomethane has been injected since the start of the year into all the gas networks in France and into the GRTgaz network.

View the monthly data

Capacity management register

The capacity management register is used to register biomethane producers’ projects according to their order of arrival to which a number is assigned that will prioritise, if necessary, the allocations of injection capacity into the gas networks (transmission and distribution) in France. GRTgaz and Teréga were appointed as managers of the capacity management register by a decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission of April 2014.

The graphs show the evolution of the projects entered into the register, according to their registration date, and the associated capacity in each region. The annual filter displays the information about the projects listed in the register for the selected year. The information is updated quarterly.

View the regional information and the quarterly information

Consult the registry

Consult the tutorials to help you to use the registry (video)