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Val de Saône programme

GRTgaz receives authorisation from the authorities to build and operate the Val de Saône programme.

GRTgaz received authorisation from the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea on 22 April to build and operate the Val de Saône programme (publication in Journal Officiel de la République française of 18 May). On 2 March 2016, the project was declared to be in the public interest by the lead prefecture for the Côte-d’Or region. Both official seals of approval are the culmination of the survey and public enquiry process that GRTgaz launched in 2012, as well as the in-depth investigation carried out by the governmental agencies into the different technical, environmental and economic aspects of this major gas infrastructure project.

Obtaining official authorisation is a milestone for GRTgaz and will enable the project team to move forward with the many other stages involved in the project (refer to the schedule below), such as the different archaeological excavations, additional technical surveys and further local public meetings.

The Val de Saône programme is aimed at developing the transmission capacities conducive to building a single wholesale gas market in France by 2018 and thereby giving consumers easier access to the most competitive sources of gas. On a European level, the programme will streamline flows between the marketplaces in Northern and Southern Europe, while improving security of supply.

The Val de Saône programme represents an investment of €727 million and focuses on the construction of a new 188 km natural gas pipeline between Voisines (Haute-Marne region) and Etrez (Ain region), the creation of a new interconnection station and a reinforcement to the existing compressor station at the Etrez site, as well as renovation work to the existing interconnection stations in Voisines and Palleau (Saône-et-Loire region).

For further information about the Val de Saône programme, visit: www.val-de-saone.grtgaz.com.

Provisional timetable for the programme milestones

  • 2012 - 2013 – 2014: preliminary surveys and public debate.
  • 2015: administrative investigation, public enquiry, go-ahead decision, archaeological surveys, preliminary work at the stations.
  • 2016: authorisations, archaeological surveys and excavations, preliminary work on the Val de Saône pipeline (drainage, cutting and felling), work at the stations.
  • 2017: work installing the Val de Saône pipeline, continuation of work at the stations.
  • 2018 : continuation of work installing the Val de Saône pipeline, commissioning of the installations (stations and pipeline), commissioning of the programme.
  • 2019 : finishing and remedial work.